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David Lovesy

Just who is this mysterious shadowy figure? Some call him man of the community, tireless in his efforts to improve the wellbeing of his fellows; Some see him as a crusading loner, bringing comedy into the dark places of sobriety. Personally, I see him as a fat bloke that leaps about the stage shouting obscenities quite loudly and simulating sexual acts with innappropriate objects – and as I’m him, I should know!

Brian Two

A man whose wit, charm and natural effervesence is only surpassed by his shy and retiring wallflower-like persona. Brian is currently employed as a home help (in that he’s helped himself to the contents of many homes).

Paul Blackwell

A genuinely warm, funny and likeable fellow, who didn’t give me the part I wanted in “Little Shop of Horrors” but I have decided to love anyway. It was a good show, though. If you didn’t see it then you should have. He has since redeemed himself by letting me be the Big Bopper in “Buddy”.

Steve Clark

Although Steve has been lured out to perform as an improviser on occasions, he prefers his safe compere seat guiding the games and maintaining a weak semblance of order to the proceedings. When not ringing his bell / pressing his buzzer, he performs with other local MK drama groups and at Murder Mystery Dinners.

Paul Kitchen

Paul is our resident Pianist, and is a musically comedic genius. His wife also makes really good cakes. Other than that, I’ve got nothing. Barely even met the guy.

Matt Perris

Matthew is a truly beautiful man. One minute he’s saving the rainforest cafĂ©, the next he’s supporting ‘Help the Aged’ (he thinks its Pulp’s best record to date).

Born into aristocracy, Matthew often gave money to the working classes for fun (and he realised it was tax deductible). Now he feels its payback time. In 1997 he released his autobiography “My Life With A Dog” which was critically panned and withdrawn from shelves after just 12 seconds (it later turned out that Matthew had just put his own cover onto Bernie Winter’s life story).

A keen bloodsports man, Matthew is at his happiest when shooting foxes. And the unemployed. Matthew’s favourite curry is a Tarka. It’s like a tikka, only ‘otter. His favourite swearword is ****.

Sean McDermott

Sean has been improvising since the very beginning of time itself. Time, however, is something I don’t currently have if I want to get this website back up and running before the next event so i will have to use this as a placeholder until I am given something else to add!

Philippa Tipper

Another performer I haven’t got round to getting a CV for, so instead here is the start of the biog for Angela Lansbury on IMDB, with the name swapped out for Phil.

Tipper was born in a prominent family of the upper middle class. Her father was socialist politician Alan Isaac Tipper (1887-1935), a member of both the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) and the Labour Party. Alan served as Honorary Treasurer of the East London Federation of Suffragettes (term 1915), and Mayor of Poplar (term 1924-1925). He was the second Communist mayor in British history, with the first being Joe Vaughan (1878-1938). Tipper’s mother was Irish film actress Jenny Macgill (1895-1975), originally from Belfast. During the first five years of Philippa’s life, the Tipper family lived in a flat located in Poplar. In 1930, they moved to a house located in Mill Hill, a suburb currently located in the London Borough of Barnet. They spend their weekends vacationing in a rural farm located in Berrick Salome, a village in South Oxfordshire.